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Wulf Zero
• 10/14/2018

Craft Weapons

Do you guys think that it's annoying how Rilisoft adds a Lottery/Event for Crafting weapons and special wear, and when it ends, the parts you earned are basically pointless? And then the only way to get the weapon is if you buy parts (overpriced), or you spin your heart out with the lucky chest.

If you think they should bring back a Craft Lottery/Event which one should it be?

Which Craft Lottery/Event should they bring back?
  • Cyber Santa
  • Exoskeletons
  • Exo Pilot
  • Sniper
  • Royal
  • Time Traveler
  • Halloween (The next year)
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Wulf Zero
• 11/5/2018
I honestly don't know but seeing as the exo pilot set is the only one nit holiday themed along with the battle royale they should bring both of them back. They will of course bring the sniper tournament back because of the unique game mode
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