The Adamant Sniper Rifle is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 13.2.0 update.


This weapon is a reskinned version of the Guerrilla Rifle with Adamant Armour-style colours.

It has a green buttstock, a golden grip, a green receiver with a black skull on it, a golden magazine, a golden handguard, the barrel is a teal, crystal-like color and has a magenta muzzle brake. It also features a 10x scope. Its colors glow brightly.


It deals medium high damage, has high fire rate, average capacity for a Sniper, and moderate weight.


  • Aim for the head to maximize damage.
  • It's high fire rate and 10x zoom can prove it's useful for both close and long ranges.
  • Due to the high rate of fire, you can use this against other lethal Snipers that don't have wall-break, such as Wyvern or Elephant Hunter.
  • Try to conserve ammo and reload often since it does not have that much ammo.
  • Use this to finish off weakened targets.


  • Try to catch them off-guard or while they are reloading.
  • Its fire rate can easily deplete its ammo, use this as your advantage to kill them while reloading.
  • It does not have wall-break, so take cover while reloading your weapon.
  • Use wall-break Snipers while they are hiding behind a wall.
  • This itself can be useful for countering.

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