Fighting the Admin.

The Admin is the boss of the Citadel level in the Virtual Worlds campaign.


Its appearance is a mix of the Newbie skin and the Robot Avatar. It wields an Automatic Peacemaker and shoots every few seconds, dealing massive damage. It also summons Cyber Phoenixes to further assist in taking the player down.

Once defeated, the player will obtain the BIG DATA.


  • The System Admin is perfect for dealing the most damage to this boss. But it should be noted that you have to deal headshots to get the most. It fires rapidly so it is more efficient.
  • Use the Antivirus and aim for its head, since doing so will render him receive low damage.
  • Always hide behind walls to avoid getting hit. Since his accuracy was pinpoint and impossible to dodge, he only shoots when the player was in his line of sight. Still, keep moving while hiding, since he may teleport anytime.
  • Use the arrow indicator to take advantage of where he is at.
  • Watch out at where he teleports and moves.
  • Aim for its head to deal more damage.
  • If you are low on HP or armor, try to find for more HP and armor pickups before fighting him.
  • Peek around a corner when he stops shooting so one can dish out the most damage against him. Then retract back to cover once he starts firing again.
  • Always kill the Cyber Phoenixes first since they can deal damage without the player knowing their presence.
  • Though the Admin is powerful, he is extremely slow. Use this to your advantage to gain some distance if you are low on health.
  • Rocket jumping helps a lot, too. Be aware whenever he fires, since every shots count no matter how far you are.
  • A strange glitch happens when you look down, you won't get hit by the Admin's Automatic Peacemaker, but keep in mind that this doesn't protect you from the Cyber Phoenixes.
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