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The Airblade Spell is a Backup weapon introduced in the 13.2.0 update.


It is a reskin of all the other book weapons. It is mostly light blue and has words, and pictures on it. When you're holding it you will have a blue orb in your right hand. It shoots out an air disk or blade.



  • This weapon requires timing. Use it similarly to the Laser Spear.
  • The weapon shoots slightly off what the aim tells you.
  • Try to get headshots.
  • This weapon is a two shot kill generally.


  • Use a heavy weapon to kill your opponents quickly.
  • Pick off the user from long range.
  • Move around to dodge the bullets.


Magic themed.

Supported Maps


Weapon Setups

Get a flamethrower weapon in case you get into a bad situation.


  • It is the second spell weapon to be inside the Backup section of the game
  • The weapon's appearance is very similar to the Thunder Spell, except with a slightly lighter color
  • The weapon can be compared to the Curse Spell and the Poison Spell. Both deal headshot points, have a slight area damage effect, and a piercing shot effect. However, the Airblade Spell has a faster firerate, faster bullet speed, and a smaller bullet size. Unlike the Curse Spell and Poison Spell, it lacks a bleeding effect or poison effect. This weapon is supposed to be a more accurate spell, for longer ranged purposes, but the bullet glitches, and flies slightly right of your intended target, ruining the accuracy.