Aircraft Carrier is a map that first appeared in the game assets of the Android version of Pixel Gun 3D 16.1.0. However, it wasn't available in the Map Selection until 16.1.2.


It is a flying aircraft carrier above the city grounds and buildings. The aircraft carrier in question consists of motor fans to keep the carrier afloat, sets of fighter planes and crates, and a radar. On the ground there exists the dark-green runway with no apron for other planes to park without having to block the other planes from landing.


  • Just as you do with the maps surrounded by thin air or waters, do not try falling from the edge of the carrier.
  • Use Primary weapons (preferably the modern ones).
  • Hide between solid objects if you want to reduce susceptibility of being hit by snipers, but try to be unpredictable in your patterns for best results.
  • Do not often rocket jump since you can even fall out of the map (except if you are lucky to have a Jetpack with you).
  • Use the turbines to gain high ground over your enemies.
  • Have double jump boots such as Berserk Boots or Ninja Tabi.

Do it by going on the fans and rocket jump up with the _0xbadc0de# and do double jump to get to the top but watch out for the roof if you are opposite of the Jet Parking at the end of the map on the left.


  • The map is called "Helicarrier" in the game files.
  • You can see the battle royale map from it.
  • This is likely a reference to the vehicle of the same name; the Helicarrier from Avengers.


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