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Not to be confused with the Craft item, Alien Plant.
For the fort object, see Alien Planet (Fort Object).

Alien Planet (Map) is a Multiplayer Map introduced in the 12.6.0 (Halloween) update.


It appears as this planet was based off of Mars. It has a lot of martial land and it consists of many decorations, including Craft Items like Alien Artifact but in a bigger size, Alien Trees and more. It also has a purple lake. There are also some tiny, green creatures (or alien monsters) that come from the B.E.A.S.T. weapon. There is also a Space Base, and a drone trapped in lasers.


  • Do not stay on the lasers for too long, as your health decreases.
  • Do not jump off the land, as it will result in a death and a penalty.
  • Keep in mind that when jumping, you will jump twice as higher.
  • Purple flowers in this map are used as jump pads, so you can use them as an advantage for a jump boost.
  • Use long ranged weapons because it is a long ranged map. In some cases however, you can use close ranged weapons.


  • Many decorations from the map can be used as Craft Items in the lobby.
  • The alien lake has a purple effect, which comes from the Dead Star.
    • It would've been possible that the effect would be different or wouldn't exist if the Dead Star remained as a conception by Martin Duran.
  • This and Space Station are the only maps with a 2x jump boost effect.
  • This planet is possibly home to the Alien Cat.
  • This was not introduced after the release of 12.6.0. This was released after the end of the Homecoming Celebration event.
  • On one of the overhangs, you can see creatures that look like the front of the B.E.A.S.T.
  • If you get close to the blade-like rotating orbs, your screen changes colour.
  • It is possible to land on the flying U.F.O


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