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The Anti-Hero Rifle Up2 is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 10.3.0 update. It is the final form of the Anti-Hero Rifle.


This weapon is a large sniper rifle with dark gray as the main color. Some details of the weapon are purple and green. There's also a big green crystal that acts as the barrel of the gun, sticking outwards.


The Anti-Hero Rifle Up2 is a very efficient weapon and it's considered one of the best Sniper rifles in Pixel Gun due to its high damage and large hit box.


  • Aiming for the opponent's head is always recommended, but this weapon can damage the enemy badly with body shots, too.
  • Its 10x scope makes it a devastating weapon from a long distance.
  • It is possible to use this weapon for medium-range combat too. This technique requires more skills.
  • The Anti-Hero Rifle Up2 shoots a laser capable of passing through walls. This is useful when the target hides in small shelters.
  • This weapon has a very large hit box, similar to the Tactical Bow. It is recommended to noscope for easier kills at medium range.
  • If you hit someone with the anti-hero rifle, chances are the enemy is at low health. Finish the enemy off using a primary weapon.


  • Use a shotgun, sub machine-gun or assault rifle to take him or her out from close range. This weapon is not good at close range.
  • Using explosive weapons will make the enemy fall from his/her sniping area or disorient him/her. It could also kill him or her.


N/A (Final Upgrade)


Golden Anti-Hero Rifle:

Image Appearance Cost Released League Required
GoldKrypeRifle Most of the dark gray and black details of this gun gets a golden encrust. 70 Coin
or obtained from the Lucky Chest.
11.0.0 1.2K

 Trophy (Golden  League).


Superhero themed.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

It's recommended to have a high mobility Melee weapon, since the Anti-Hero Rifle Up2 makes you quite slow. Also an efficient primary weapon is recommended for finishing off players.


  • The green crystal embed in the weapon may be a reference to the Kryptonite, a fictional material from the Superman Universe that reduces the hero's strength and power.
  • Despite being graded Legendary, this is mostly used by players, same explanation from Ghost Lantern and the Prototype Up2, as frequently used in Sniper Forts, making its grade Uncommon or Common.
    • However, this fact could indicate that the Grades System is inaccurate.
  • This weapon is the only weapon that can guarantee one-shot headshot (Except for the ignore-headshot damage chance for the Sniper Cape, Berserk Cape, etc.) a player with max armor without any damage-dealing accessories.
  • A max armor loadout is; Max Berserk Cape, Heavy Adamant Armor, Burning Tiara, Max Hitman Boots, and Max Berserk Mask.
  • Even though it seems as if its cheaper counterpart Prototype Up2 can also one-shot headshot enemies, it cannot kill players with the maxed-out armor loadout in that single headshot unlike how this weapon can.
  • In the 12.5.3 update, the fire rate was reduced from 68 to 57 in the Armory, but the fire rate from the weapon itself was unchanged.