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The Archangel is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 13.5.0 update.


It is a re-skin of the Tactical Bow.

It has a white/yellow finish with white bowstring and illuminated limbolts. It also features a yellow grip and yellow scope.

The arrow itself has black fletching with a white with yellow and black shaft and a light yellow arrowhead.

It is mostly a 2 headshot kill to max-armoured players.


It has great damage, good fire rate, and an above average mobility.


  • Due to the Gadget Blocker attribute, it can be used to negate the effects of the Resurrection.
  • It is effective against anyone using a deadly melee or a flamethrower.
  • Be very careful around wallbreak Snipers. You can't one-shot them, but they can one-shot you if you're not careful.
  • This is a great counter to the Railgun. Due to the Railgun's high recoil, you can easily punish the user if they misfire, which can be hard to do with other weapons.
  • The weapon is extremely accurate, as the crosshairs never change
  • Don't hold the fire button when using this weapon, as you won't be able to land a shot. Fire, wait until your crosshairs are on the enemy, then shoot again. Otherwise, the reloading animation will mess up your aim. Another possible technique is to just constantly scope.


  • Get up close, then attack using a deadly close quarter weapon, preferably Ghost Lantern or Soulstone.
  • Wallbreak Snipers such as Prototype or Laser Crossbow do better than this weapon in a sniper duel due to the wallbreak and better scope. But, be careful with the Railgun or Charge Rifle.You'll pay dearly if you misfire.
  • Homing missile weapons such as Smart Bullet Bazooka or Swarmer can force the Archangel user back and possibly kill them.
  • Attack its users from behind for best results.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Other high damage or high fire rate weapons to help out with its DPS and for close range combat. You can also bring a weapon that slows the target such as Death Claws or Dual Cryo Pistols, so you can get a guaranteed hit with the Gadget Block.


  • This is one of two weapons with the ability to block gadgets, the other being the Void Ray Rifle.
  • This weapon might be a re-skin of the Magic Bow with a modified arrow and added glowing animations,but this is unlikely as it looks more like the Tactical Bow.
  • Despite the statistics say that its fire rate is 68, it actually fires much faster.
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