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This content is available in both Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun World! If this is a game content, its counterpart is described in another article!
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This article describes the Armor from Pixel Gun 3D. If you're looking for the standard Armor of Pixel Gun World, see Armor (PGW).

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The Armor is a piece of equipment added in the 8.1.0 update and has various upgrades. Its primary use is to protect its user from damage sources. As of 16.2.0, individual upgrades for armor do not need to be bought, rather armor will upgrade to the maximum allowed for the user if an upgrade is attempted.

When the player upgrades their armor, they would upgrade it to the their level instead of upgrading for each level. It is recommended to upgrade armor every several levels instead of upgrading it after reaching each level, to save a large number of Coin (for example, instead of spending 300 Coin for every level in 10 levels [a total of 3000 Coin], the cost slightly increases and it becomes around 350 Coin when upgraded in the 10th level, saving 2650 Coin). The highest efficiency a normal armor could have is 313 with level 54 armor.

Upgrade Path

Name Image Level unlocked
Newbie Armor
Novice Armor
Given after the tutorial
Light Wooden Armor
Wood Armor 1
Medium Wooden Armor
Wood Armor 2
Heavy Wooden Armor
Wood Armor 3
Light Steel Armor
Iron Armor 1
Medium Steel Armor
Iron Armor 2
Heavy Steel Armor
Iron Armor 3
Light Golden Armor
Golden Armor 1
Medium Golden Armor
Golden Armor 2
Heavy Golden Armor
Golden Armor 3
Light Crystal Armor
Crystal Armor 1
Medium Crystal Armor
Crystal Armor 2
Heavy Crystal Armor
Crystal Armor 3
Light Ruby Armor
Ruby Armor 1
Medium Ruby Armor
Ruby Armor 2
Heavy Ruby Armor
Ruby Armor 3
Light Adamant Armor
Adamant Armor 1
Medium Adamant Armor
Adamant Armor 2
Heavy Adamant Armor
Adamant Armor 3
Light Champion Armor
Champion Armor 1
Medium Champion Armor
Champion Armor 2
Heavy Champion Armor
Champion Armor 3

Clan Exclusives

In the 17.6.0 update, Clan Armor was introduced with even more efficiency than a normal armor could have along with player buffs and debuffs. However, they can only be purchased in the Wear section of Clan Store. The armors come in 3 types that are Wooden, Steel and Golden with each resembles their own division. Your clan does not have to be in the exact division as the clan armors in order to get them (eg. Wooden armor in gold league clans). Unlike normal armor, clan armors can be purchased with coins, and the armor will automatically be at your level, if there are upgrades available, it will also be upgraded with coins and gems.

Name Efficiency Buffs/Debuffs Image Division Price
Wooden Clan Armor 333
  • +20% Movement Speed
  • +20% Jump Height
  • Strong regeneration of Health and Armor
Wooden Division 555 Coin
Steel Clan Armor 376
  • Able to reflect a part of damage back to your enemy
Steel Division 690 Coin
Golden Clan Armor 376
  • +20% Movement Speed
  • -10% Jump Height
  • Reduces gadgets cooldown
Golden Division 690 Coin

Advanced Combat Armor

In the 17.7.0 update, Advanced Combat Armor was introduced. It has more efficiency than any other armors, and it is the only Mythical armor in the game. Like the Clan Armor, this one has some buffs, but it doesn't have any debuffs. It can only be obtained from the Starter Pack offer on the certain levels (3-12), along with some other stuff, such as unique skin and a randomly generated pair of the following weapons:Offensive Rocket System, Harsh Punisher, Manual Inferno and Advanced Scout Rifle. If you buy the armor, it will be automatically upgraded to your level and it will stay with you forever, even after reaching the levels 13, 14 and above. It will also get less efficient every new level, and you'll need to upgrade the armor to your current level with gems/coins to keep it at its full efficiency.

Name Efficiency Buffs Image
Advanced Combat Armor
  • +10% Movement Speed
  • +20% Jump Height
  • Strong regeneration of Health and Armor


As of 16.2.0, instead of counting its durability, its power capacity is counted. However, the armor percentage does increase after buying every upgrade of the armor. Moreover, after reaching a new level, the power capacity of armor increases of 1.

There are six modules used for armor:

Like any weapon, the armor has 3 slots in which the modules can be inserted to. However, unlike the weapons, armor doesn't have any unique ability for a module combination like the Oracle, the Explosive Ammo or the Stone Skin.




  • The armor pieces merged into one fully upgradable armor piece and the Wooden Armor series was introduced. Before 9.0.0, the Heavy Crystal Armor piece was the maximized armor piece.


  • There was also a glitch that wouldn't allow upgrading armor.


  • The glitch was fixed.


  • The Ruby Armor series was introduced, superseding the Heavy Crystal Armor.


  • The Adamant Armor (which was originally only the Heavy Adamant Armor) was introduced. It was initially a rentable piece of equipment. This was only introduced to Android devices and never in iOS devices.


  • The Adamant Armor was removed from the Android version of the game.


  • The Adamant Armor was reintroduced in 10.0.0 as an upgrade of the Ruby Armor for both iOS and Android. Light and Medium Adamant Armor were introduced as forms of the Adamant Armor before upgrading to the Heavy Adamant Armor piece, which was the maximized armor piece at that time.


  • The Helmet was removed and was replaced by Masks, making the body part of the armor the only armor piece in the game. It is possible that this change was made for consistency with Pixel Gun World, since that game was the first between the two to not have helmets.


  • Players got Light Wooden Armor for free after completing the tutorial. Players are also rewarded with 5Gem, 10 Coin, 15 Exp icon and a Sniper Rifle.


  • Newbie Armor was introduced and was earned as a temporary item.


  • A minor feature which automatically upgrades the armor into its heavy form once a player reaches a certain level was added.


  • Newbie Armor looked like Heavy Ruby Armor. It is different from its PC counterpart.
  • Also, Champion Armor was added, the models of the first few armor sets were modified and the durability was multiplied along with the weapon damage.


  • The durability multiplier has been reverted, but not the Champion Armor itself nor the modified look of the armor.


  • Costs changed to be dependent on the player's level.


  • Clan Exclusive Armors were introduced
  • Armor now have skins if you are at the level that meets the armor look compatibility you can change the armor to any look that you passed or at your look now.


  • A bug of the display of clan armor was fixed.


  • Armor and Helmet Armor points worked separately in multiplayer. Armor only defended against body shots and helmet defended against headshots. Armor points added by pickups will be added to the general pool, and monster damage will also hit the general armor point pool.
  • Armor would have pieces of the next armor type's main material. For example, if the player has Wooden Armor of any level upgrade, they will see it has pieces of iron on it. And iron will have gold on it. Ruby Armor has three materials; Ruby (main material), diamond, and adamant. This also was visible for helmets.
  • When the armor is unequipped, picking armor pickups used to put the armor even when it is unequipped. Now, picking up armor would have its sound effect, but will not give extra armor.
  • Pro League is the only league that doesn't have armor.
  • The “strong“ regeneration of health and armor from the Wooden Clan Armor isn’t very strong, with 2 health and/or armor every second. However, it could be a lifesaver in certain scenarios.
  • Newbie armor is the only armor that cant equipped any time as it is only available for 3 matched after the tutorial
    • Similarly if your clan drops out of the league, you cannot wear that league armor.
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