The Armored Devil Stalker is an enemy in the 2nd level Castle in the campaign world Crossed Worlds, and appears around the 5th or 6th wave in Arena.


It looks exactly like the Devil Stalker, except for the fact that it wears a Golden Helmet, Golden Armor Up1, and golden greaves on its legs. It also carries a Knight Sword Up2.


It will walk towards you and when it is very close, it will attack you by using its sword. It acts exactly like a regular Devil Stalker.


Difficulty Damage Health Speed
Easy 1.50 Heart new 2.50/3.00 Heart new Moderate
Medium 1.50 Heart new 3.50/4.00 Heart new Moderate
Hard 1.50 Heart new 4.00 Heart new Moderate


  • It's the only enemy that wears an Armor.
  • It wields a Knight Sword. However, it deals less damage than a fully-upgraded Knight Sword. 
  • Though it has a sword, it still attacks like its old Devil Stalker