Atlantis was a Premium map introduced in 6.2.0 update.


It has the appearance of a modern-like temple in the deep of the sea. There are buildings similar to skyscrapers surrounding the map. A lot of marine creatures swim around the temple, like fish, sharks and octopuses.



  • Initial release.


  • The map was removed.


  • The map was brought back.


  • This map named after "Atlantis", a fictonal island that sank into the ocean.
  • This map resembles "Rapture", a massive, underwater city from the "BioShock" video game series.
  • This map's aesthetics are based off of the 1940s, as evidenced by the "We can do it!" posters in the room with the elevators (a Red Team spawn location).
  • It is the second map to feature water animals, the first map is Pirates!. There is an octopus, sharks, and more.
  • There is a black hole outside the map. Be warned, as you cannot escape once you jump in.
  • This, along with the other Premium Maps, references the game itself. In this case, the reference is a pink neon sign outside the map reading "Pixel Gun".
  • Some players are able to get out of the temple by doing a glitch where they kill themselves in the elevator and step out of the walls encasing the map (note that only red team players can do this).
  • In the old version of Pixel Gun 3D, the map could be unlocked for 50 Coin.


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