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The Automatic Peacemaker M2 was the 2nd form of the Automatic Peacemaker M1. It could be found in the Primary section in the Armory.


It has a black quad barrel setup, with orange at the end and beginning of the gun. It has a very large orange drum clip.


The Automatic Peacemaker M2 was a machine/automatic gun and is used by holding the attack button. The ammo that it started out with is 150 / 0. Maxed out, it was 150 / 300. The ammo packs gave 150 bullets each. The Automatic Peacemaker M2 was a gun that has tremendous fire rate and capacity.

The Automatic Peacemaker M2 in use.


  • It is the only gun that has two stats that are both 10.
  • This was based on the M134 Minigun.
  • It was not very advisable to carry this machine/automatic gun while running and hopping because of its heaviness.
  • This gun, along with the Automatic Peacemaker M1, were removed from the game as of version 8.1.0, leaving only the Automatic Peacemaker M3, which was renamed to Automatic Peacemaker.

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