The Barrier Rifle is a Special weapon introduced in the 10.6.0 update.


It's a minigun-shaped weapon, and it has a light-brownish, metal and yellow scheme. It has the blue tube as the 'accelerator' and the clip is simply a blue battery. A rotating, thin disk that looks like a halo is on the gun's body.


It has moderate damage, good rate of fire, medium capacity, and decent mobility.


  • Its projectiles can be used to destroy other projectiles (rockets), but unfortunately doesn't destroy automatic bullets.
  • Its performance is poor against players since it's used to destroy any solid projectiles (except for bullets and other hit-scan weapons) found in the game.
  • Because it has piercing shots, it can be used for crowd control.
  • When multiple people on a team are using it in one straight spot, there are enough projectiles that it's not easy to see the other side and not much can get through
  • The damage reduction varies: it provides 12% reduction from hitscan bullets, 21% damage reduction from laser weapons, 18% damage reduction from area damage weapons, and 70% damage reduction from ricocheted shots.


  • Pick off its users from long ranges.
  • Its shield barely halves the damage from weapons, so lethal weapons are still effective on those users.
  • If multiple people are using it try to come from behind
  • It can't block wall break weapons, so use them (e.g. Prototype, Anti-Champion Rifle) as a counter.
Screenshot 2016-09-05-13-37-18-1

A player protected by the weapon's energy shield.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Have a long ranged weapon.


No one really knows the nature of this weapon. We only know that the force field will consume some of the bullets that fly in you so that you wouldn't get killed. A shield+sword composition in one slot.

—Weapon's description in Gallery


  • It's the only weapon to induce damage-reducing capabilities.
    • However, in the most recent updates, the only other weapons to have this special ability are the clan weapons, and the Sword & Shield.
  • It has the same firing sound as the Anti Gravity Blaster.
  • This weapon possesses a similar appearance and abilities with the Particle Cannon, the main weapon of Zarya from Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch.
    • The barrier ability of the Barrier Rifle also shares some abilities with Zarya's Barrier ability, both able to shield both the former and latter from damage.
      • However, the barrier doesn't boost the power of the Barrier Rifle's ammo, unfortunately.
        • In the 14.1.2 update, this weapon has gotten severely powercrept.
        • This weapon shares the same energy shield effect as the Excalibur.
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