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For the pet, see Bat (Pet).

The Bat is an enemy introduced in the 10.0.0 update that can be found in the Crossed World level Swamp along with Arena.


This monster appears to be a bat with red eyes, a pair of wings, tiny legs, ears, and 4 fangs: the longer fangs grow on the sides of its upper jaw while the shorter ones sit in a default position. Its body has a leathery, crimson, and light red appearance.


It will fly towards the player, dealing moderate damage. When flying they don't make a lot of noise so if you don't look up they can deal massive damage to you in swarms.


  • Simply use a good sniper to take these out.
  • Aim for the head to kill it faster and conserve ammo.
  • Aim with good accuracy because it is hard to hit this mob or monster.


Difficulty Damage Health Speed
Easy 100 Heart new 550 Heart new Moderate
Medium 100 Heart new 750 Heart new Moderate
Hard 100 Heart new 900 Heart new Moderate
Arena 100 Heart new 1.25K Heart new Moderate


  • This has longer fangs, while the pet version has shorter, but pointed, fangs.
  • This is the only enemy that has the same species of a different Pet in the game.
  • It has a different sound effect than a normal attacking sound. The Bat's attack sound is like a stabbing sound and the normal attack sound is like a tearing flesh.
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