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The Battle Pass is a feature added in the 15.2.0 update.

When the player open the battle pass menu, a character acting as a guide, will give thm some challenges. When they complete those challenges, they will get a number of battle experience, which can be used to level up and give possibilities to accumulate rewards. To get those rewards, the player must buy them with Battle Credits, which can be obtained from the Lucky Chest or normal battles, but best at Brawls. The player can get a battle pass upgrade if they have enough battle credits. If they did not buy the battle pass upgrade, the player will get 1 reward per level up of the battle pass upgrade, with the experience being Battle Crowns. If the player bought the battle pass upgrade, the player will get 2 per level up.

Here is a list of tasks (not sorted by what was available in seasons, but by every type of task that existed in all seasons) and some tips that can make accomplishing these tasks easier.

Tasks Tips
Team strike-win 3 matches Try to invite your friends to help you win.
Siege-eliminate 5 enemies using the sniper scope When defending, stay in your fort and shoot them down.
Team fight-play one match without armor This one is very easy, just take off your armor and spam area damaging or high-damaging weapons.
Open daily chest in clans Wait until certain time (as shown as being superimposed onto the daily chest) and then open that chest.

Prerequisite: Join the clan.

Open 5 lucky chests Just use gems or watch a video, they both count.
Play one match The simplest yet easiest, just play a match on any game mode and you're set, regardless if you win or lose, or in-between.
Play two raid matches Do this if you're desperate, it takes less than 30 minutes (if entire match).
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