The Bedivere is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 17.0.0 update. It is one of the 6 Steel Division clan weapons.


It has a large yellow/white body featuring a grey/yellow handguard and a red trigger, a large grey/yellow artillery-like barrel that rolls back when fired, and a magazine underneath. It fires yellow shells in an arc, similar to most weapons with the Looping Shot attribute. However, the barrel is pointed at a 45 degree angle from the crosshair, meaning that all shots will arc no matter which angle the weapon was fired from.



  • It is capable of causing massive damage against groups of enemies, potentially one-shotting them.
  • The barrel is slanted at a 45 angle similar to artillery cannons, meaning that a player has to adjust the angle of their shot to compensate for the distance.
    • Use the lines of the crosshair as intervals for distance. For example, lining up the most bottom line with an object will cause the shell to fire high.
    • If an enemy is near, line up the top line of the crosshair then fire.
  • Avoid using this weapon in compact areas, especially those with a lack of headroom such as in the vents in Scary Pizzeria.
  • It is useful for softening heavily defended points such as capture point in Point Capture.
  • If used correctly, one can potentially eliminate the entire attacking team in Escort if they are close to the ram.
  • The Cluster Bomb attribute is useful for damaging jumping users.
  • A well-organized team can create a formation which defends the user from a frontal assault while the user uses the Bedivere to severely weaken enemies from behind.
  • The Burning attribute can be used to deal addition damage to enemies overtime.


  • Pick off the user at long range.
  • Area damage and shotguns make quick work of users.
  • Try avoiding getting too close to the user.
  • Strafe while jumping to minimize the chances of getting hit.
  • Try and sneak up behind the user and go in for a melee attack.
  • Attack the user when they finished firing or when they are reloading.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

This weapon is more suited for long-range due to the angle the shells are fired, meaning that carrying a powerful Primary or Backup weapon is recommended.


  • This weapon features a unique crosshair due to its artillery-like performance.
  • Like most weapons obtained from steel division, the weapon is named after Bedivere; one of the Knights of the Round Table.
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