Cosmetics for the Battle Royale and the transport for mini-games. Can be upgraded for mini-games mode only.

—Official description of gliders

The Big Bomb is a royale glider that can be used exclusively in Battle Royale and Glider Rush.


It is used to aesthetically customize the glider or the landing device in Battle Royale.


The bomb has a grey head with yellow/black hazard stripes on the bottom. The body is dark yellow body with a radioactive symbol on the middle. At the bottom of the weapon, it has yellow fins with a grey nozzle emitting an orange flame at the bottom.

The player rides on top of the bomb, holding onto the silver handle.


  • The model of the bomb is similar to the Nuclear Bomb Ultimate in Siege.
  • The nature of how the player rides on top of the bomb, and how the bomb is nuclear is a reference to Major "King" Kong riding on top of the bomb in order to free it from the bomb bay in the film, Dr. Strangelove.
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