The Big Fatality Gun (BFG) is a Heavy weapon added in the 12.1.0 update. It is the first form of the Big Fatality Gun.


It is a large, purple cumbersome cannon with some cyan, gold and gray details, a cyan clip, a handle on the top and a large trigger.

When charging, it shoots a ball of blue energy, coming out from its "crystals" in its "mouth".


The weapon deals massive damage, has a high capacity, and a rather low mobility. You can rocket jump with this weapon but make sure to not charge it or you will take massive damage. This weapon is still a 1 shot kill when fully charged.


  • You can hit the ground spot that is near your opponent because this has area damage.
  • Go for weakened players to conserve ammo and quick kills.
  • Keep yourself accurate because it is hard to look around while keeping a charged shot.
  • Use it in close range for a less complicated duel
  • You can hit the ground spot that is near your opponent because this has area damage.
  • In Team Fight try a hit and run strategy near a bottleneck of a map, for example in Area 52 Labs there is one in the area that connects the lower side of the map and the outside part
  • Keep yourself accurate because it is hard looking around without keeping a charged shot.
  • The BFG has a monstrous blast radius, so you can hit groups enemies even if they are slightly spaced out.
  • You can skip charging and shoot multiple shots if you face an opponent with low health. It will take around 3-5 hits to kill a player at your level with a high enough upgraded BFG. This will only take 2 bullets each time


  • Pick off its users from long ranges.
  • Try attacking the user with a high fire rate weapon while they are charging for the shot.
  • Jump around while attacking with an on shot weapon, or weapon with high fire rate.
  • Avoid getting hit at all costs as it can be devastating.
    • WARNING: Killing its users while he is charging will cause the projectiles to be released upon death.
  • Stay in the air as much as possible and continuously moving, it will be very unlikely you will be hit.
  • Use a Shotgun, Primary, or Melee weapon to attack the user while reloading


Information Image
  • Name: Chrome
  • Cost: 280 Gem
  • Released: 16.4.1
  • Name: Predator
  • Cost: 280 Gem
  • Released: 16.4.1
Predator BigFatalityGun
  • Name: Tropic
  • Cost: 280 Gem
  • Released: 16.4.1
Tropic BigFatalityGun

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Have a long ranged weapon.



Initial release


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