The Black Bird is a very common enemy.


It is a black bird with red eyes. It has medium-sized wings and has a short white beak. It’s dark feathers and small size make it hard to spot in low-light environments.


It will fly above head level, often out of sight. Keep your eye on the sky to avoid contact. It is a melee-ranged enemy, where it will hit the player when they got close enough.


  • This monster is so fragile, even one shot from a Steam Revolver is enough to kill it.
  • Be aware if you are staying still at lower levels, keep your eyes in the skies.
  • Aim with good accuracy because it is hard to hit this mob.


Difficulty Damage Health Speed
Easy 2 Heart new 10 Heart new Fast
Medium 2-3 Heart new 10 Heart new Fast
Hard 3 Heart new 10 Heart new Fast


  • Players can stand on it, or ride it, but it will still attack them, unlike the Dragon.
  • It was one of the first enemies added, appearing since the first versions of the game.
  • In some areas, it may be hard to see due to it blending in with some backgrounds.
  • This is one of the few enemies that can fly.
  • Many players initially mistake this creature for a bat, which it is not
  • If a pet is on the ground and a bird is above it (e.g Panther, Alien Cat), it will start to follow it around and the pet will move randomly.
  • It is unknown why these birds would attack you. Either it is because they are hostile, or they are zombified.
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