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The Black Mark is a Throwing gadget introduced in the 11.1.0 update.


It looks like a black and white coin with a white cross and skull on it, and the back of the coin has the colors inverted.


Throw this to a player, and the victim will get a black mark effect. If you kill a black marked player, you will gain an extra 100 points for doing so. A black mark logo emblem will appear on the top of a player if that player is black-marked.


  • Throw it at a player, then kill that player as soon as possible.
  • When you see a player with a Black Mark emblem on the top of him/her, kill that player as fast as you can.


  • When you get black marked, try to get killed by a player with a low score.
  • Try to stay alive until the black mark status expires.


  • This gadget is the only gadget that can give you 100 extra points.
    • It is the gadget that can give you the most extra points.
  • If the Points System wasn't introduced, then this gadget would've been useless.
  • This is one of three Throwing gadgets that do not inflict any damage to enemies, the others being the Sticky Candy and the Singular Grenade.
    • However, the Sticky Candy slows enemies down and disables their ability to jump and the Singular Grenade absorbs enemies to a harmless black hole, while the Black Mark adds 100 points to a kill.
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