The Black Mark is a Throwing gadget introduced in the 11.1.0 update.


It looks like a black and white coin with a skull on it, and the back of the coin has the colors inverted.


The player throws the Black Mark from their right hand. When it lands on a player, they get the black mark above them until the player (or a different player) kills them. If the user of this gadgets kills them, they gain an extra 100 points for doing so. A black mark logo emblem will appear on the top of a player if that player is black-marked.



  • Throw it at a player, then kill that player as soon as possible.
    • Otherwise, other players may kill the player and get the points, or the black mark might expire.
  • When you see a player with a Black Mark emblem on the top of him/her, kill that player as fast as you can to gain points.
  • Due to how the point system is used for determining a winner, it is useful in Duels by giving the user a point advantage over his/her opponent.
  • This is good for Deathmatch because you get point advantage.
  • Try to not throw one on a skilled player, as it will make it harder to get the points. Throw it on to a lower skilled player so it is quite easy to reap the points.


  • Try to avoid getting marked by jumping/strafing around.
  • When you get black-marked, try to get killed by a player with a low score.
  • Try to stay alive until the black mark status expires.
  • If you have points to spare, suicide to avoid letting the opponent gain points.


  • It is the only gadget that can give the user extra points.
  • This is one of three Throwing gadgets that do not inflict any damage to enemies, the others being the Sticky Candy and the Singular Grenade.
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