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    October 6, 2017 by VeryImperfectRig

    Warning: This blog may offend or harassment for some readers. reader decision is advised! If you're not, then have fun and feel free to write a comment.

    BastionMann's Player Stereotypes

    1. Pre-made skin players: means that players may can't make their own skins or lazy to make a skin
    2. Bad-made skin players: means that players may not have experience to make a skin
    3. Derp or Noob skin players: means that players may be an actual newbie player or my personal opinion. They are just experienced or spammer players made them for mock other players
    4. Boy/Girl skins players: means they use to idenify player's gender
    5. Naked skins players: means that players like sex, date, or used for distracting other players in the battle
    6. Shade skins players: these skins are most a…

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  • VeryImperfectRig

    Hello, everyone.

    Did you remember an old version in Pixel Gun 3D?

    The official name of campaign maps has been revealed in one of old version of PG3D.

    • mean already revealed by multiplayer mode.

    Few of them not have name because it is an official name of it.

    Pixelated World

    Farm : Farm Assault.*

    Cemetery : Midnight Cemetery.

    City : City of the Dead.

    Hospital : Scary Hospital.


    Prison : Infected Prison.*

    Forest : Slender Forest.*

    Area 52

    School : Silent School.*

    Block World

    Village : Utopia.*

    Desert : Ancient Desert.

    Sky Island

    Winter Island : Winter Wonderland.*

    Hell Castle

    Parallel World

    (Note: Everyone may already know about it. PS:my first blog.)

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  • VendettaVisionGuy

    Hey, I'm VendettaVisionGuy, one of the wiki's staff members.

    I want to talk a subject that has been on my mind for weeks since I've been on here. It's about decisions and retirement.

    First off, I've been suffering from more than profile picture changes. I haven't been good at things other than the wiki for some time. Career and enjoyment are getting the best of me to this day since nearly 10 months, and my current reasons of failure all lead to this one place. I go through personal arguments just for touching a screen, but inside, I already see what's going on with everything in my life. Yet, I still embrace arguments. Why?

    This wiki. It's changing me.

    I attempt to improve a wiki to be better than several thousand other wikis only to end up be…

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  • VendettaVisionGuy

    Today is becoming insane. Me, AndyDaAwesome and KeEp iT MeLLo is active at the time I'm typing this, and we are getting unlimited notifications. I was not ready for this. Craziest day ever in PGWikia minigame history?


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  • VendettaVisionGuy

    I guess I needed a small blog introduction after commenting several times on minigame threads

    So, basically I'm BananasAndApples, I am POSSIBLY be the most popular guy in the threads due to me frequently replying on minigame threads. Well, at least when you're sleeping if you're from NA :/

    So, I don't edit much because of the time difference of every Wikia, (also I don't play World) so don't expect to see me in the leaderboard by a year.

    If you want to friend me in PG3D, my name is βαπαηαᎦαпᎠаррᏓЭᎦ. Play with me if you don't live halfway across the world from me :p

    So if you liked wasting a minute reading this, be my friend because my school lies about me being socialized. :p

    See you, and always, laugh by removing the Disney in Disney XD. ok wh…

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  • Usyler

    Well being a rollback on the wiki, I probably know my stuff but I dont really know what gun to buy,  Im thinking about either the peacemaker or the chain thunderbolt.  I want to know which to buy.

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  • Usyler

    Pixel gun question

    August 30, 2014 by Usyler

    Yay I'm back from my trip to Kona, Hawaii.  But I need help with something on pixel gun.  I just got finished playing a round of deadly games.  But I then wondered.  Would an invisibility potion help?

    ♎Official Signature Of Usyler♍

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  • Usyler

    Mah blog

    June 30, 2014 by Usyler

    Ok so i just discovered that the armageddon is a one hit kill (I put that on the page)  I also learned that Rambo's rifle is cheaper and better than the plasma rifle.

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  • Usyler

    Another blog.

    July 26, 2014 by Usyler

    Ok Hi,

    I decided that I wanted to go on Deadly Games today and I got the Army Rifle and the Sniper Rifle (from looting others chests) And these were by far the best weapons I've ever had in deadly games. So I was thinking that these weapons could win me the game. And it was totally cool since i did win. I usually get this combo 2-3 out of 10 times.

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  • Undoubtedly Strange


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