• 44lifedollars

    Ah... 7.1.0. We loved it. But, now, it's 11.4.0. And Pixel Gun 3D's "Fun Level" has gone way down.

    That's because somehow, Rillisoft F-ed up!

    How is Pixel Gun 3D now F-ed up?

    Tell me in the comments below!

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  • 44lifedollars

    1. Secret Forces Rifle
    2. Mech Heavy Rifle
    3. Frank Sheepone (dont get me wrong, this weapon kills me all the time)
    4. Icicle Minigun
    5. AK-48 UP2
    6. Bee Swarm Spell
    7. Automatic Peacemaker
    8. Hellraiser
    9. Assault Machine Gun
    10. Crystal Laser Cannon

    1. Dual Laser Blasters
    2. Dual Hawks
    3. Exterminator
    4. Dead Star
    5. Alien Blaster
    6. Infiltrator
    7. Shotgun Pistol
    8. Dual Machine Guns
    9. Turbo Pistols
    10. Minigun Pistol

    1. Storm Hammer
    2. Power Claw
    3. Chainsaw Sword
    4. Fire Demon
    5. Fire Orb
    6. Chainsaw
    7. Santa Sword
    8. Sword of Shadows
    9. Dark Force Saber
    10. Dual Machetes

    1. Laser Bouncer
    2. Freeze Ray Rifle
    3. Toxic Bane
    4. Trapper
    5. Nail Minigun
    6. High Voltage UP2
    7. Snow Storm
    8. Gas Launcher
    9. Electromagnetic Cannon
    10. Bad Doctor

    1. Anti-Hero Rifle
    2. Impulse Sniper Rifle
    3. Sunrise (3rd place in Blockmart. Really. But that's not enough experience points! Only 5!)
    4. Charge Rifle
    5. Laser Bow
    6. Prototype
    7. Laser…

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  • 44lifedollars

    We will not be satisfied... Until Rillisoft's employees get their heads out of the clouds, because it's on!

    PG3D has many weapons that were either ruined, added when we did not want them to be added, and more.

    But, now I've had it!

    If you were an employee at Rillisoft, and decided to do something about any weapon...

    What would you do?

    Tell me in the comments below!

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  • 44lifedollars

    First Blog

    February 2, 2017 by 44lifedollars


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  • 1756cadence

    shadow craft

    July 26, 2014 by 1756cadence

    hey ppl how do u play pixel gun accually like kill the ppl please blog and lemme know bye

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  • 12Monster21

    Playing right now

    December 30, 2013 by 12Monster21

    I'm playing on the deathmatch server PG3D wiki non-official server with chat on, so if anyone wants to join me, come on in! I'm leaving at 12 est

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  • 12Monster21

    Title tells all, and it happened twice!

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