• Ender Exterminator

    Hello. WHy does it feel like the begining is like a ted talk. whatever. i have nothing better to do but write this. i hate capitalizing stuff

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  • Ragnorak Ghost

    Since Tril and I started fighting, he basically said about WR, and gave me an idea. Today we will talk about the battle between War Robots and Pixel Gun 3D. Both of these games are extremely popular, and both have 2 types of players, p2w and f2w. Sometimes, when I play Pixel, it seems to have awesome reload, weapons, and maps, but for WR, it has outstanding graphics, many kind of weapons and robots, gamemodes, and maps. I did say both of these games end up in a tie, since both are popular, excellent graphics, annnnnnnd p2w players.

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  • Trilexter

    Your Top 10 weapons!

    January 12, 2019 by Trilexter

    You know, I was born to be the “Top 10 Guy”. As its very interesting to me and probably you. So how about we put our Top 10 (or top 6) weapons here! It could be one category or all mix. Please do not swear unless it’s words like Hell and stuff. So yeah.

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  • Sloth of the 7

    I am taking a leave on pixel gun to be honest,the game,I allways come back to it,it’s addicting and all,but ever since this current update,I decided,I won’t play till we get to 16.0 for now,as 15.0 sucks.Let’s get to Era’s Era I(2013-2015) By far the best era and one,it had diversity and really great balancing at the time,the og guns like automatic peacemaker,prototype,golden laser cannon(Though technically a crystal,and adamant)and etc. Era II(2015-2017) Where do I even begin,this era was bad,all the new weapons come to overpower,this kind of era started to make most people leave the game,as weapons like epic-legendary-mythical clan weapons,(plus ghost lantern),this made me want to leave too. Era III(2017-2019) Errrr,it’s balancing like e…

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  • Trilexter


    December 23, 2018 by Trilexter


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  • LastWinder

    The Weapon Dilemma

    December 18, 2018 by LastWinder

    Ever since its inception, Pixel Gun 3D has been a delightful addition to a person's game collection. With its light and bright colors appealing to the masses, addictive elements, and has an easy enough to understand game modes. Another thing that has helped PG3D addicting is its wide choice of weapons, or it once was. Now, PG3D has become a big mess of unused, unbalanced and poorly handled rewarding and pricing systems.

    Starting off with the elephant in the room, Pixel Gun has a TON of weapons. This is both good and bad (now tilting more towards the bad). The good side is that a match can mostly be unpredictable, this could add up to be a pretty balanced match and gameplay overall. However, it does has its drawbacks, the main one being that…

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  • Ender Creeper14

    I'm SUPER late.

    November 29, 2018 by Ender Creeper14

    I missed both my anniversity when I joined the wiki, and when I first started playing PG, ao I'll celebrate now... yay. XD

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  • Pleese friend me

    champion weapons?

    November 24, 2018 by Pleese friend me

    when i loged on today after downloading the wild west update i noticed that i can not by champion weapions and anime sythe anymore. So when i was playing in a ghost town map out of nowhere i got killed by a 1 shot kill rocket jumper but in the kill fee it showed a champion solar power cannon. HHHHHEEEEELLLLLPPPP PPPPPPLLLLEEESSSEE

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  • Silent Terminator

    Well,I WAS gonna start maining snipers,and still keep my stuff,but rilisoft(Cubic Games) decided to “Slightly nerf some weapons”.*Needs around 20 shits to kill*Uh my Casanova was beautiful,I was like god and my sword,but how in the world did my sword become so darn weak.Same goes for the upgrades,The Black Mamba,or what I call the Dark Truth,just wait for my friends hear I have it,all hell breaks loose.Snipers,lower fire rate down to basically ine shot speed,which is kinda sad,(Plz increase fire rate)

    Satisfaction rating for dis update:000000000000000000000000000001/10

    P.S,its just a joke blog

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  • Nightmare King Bryce

    Do you like pixel gun? If so how much.If not why? 

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