• Robloxfoxyguy

    Hello there, I need some advice for which mythic primary should I get or aim for first, Just pick one that you should I get

    Cybrog Hads



    Thanks to whoever replied to this blog post!

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  • Zombieslayer222

    Please help, Digital sunrise or Anti-Chanpion

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  • DisTNTcord
    • ===248 arahna bites===
      • Haven't come back for more than a year ._.
    • ===242 snow blaster===
      • Forgot to spin moment.
    • ===240 engineer exo===
    • Done soon tho

    P:S. for the achievement only

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  • Great Killa OE

    What is a blog post?

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  • Herobrine9809

    OwO whats this

    March 25, 2020 by Herobrine9809

    I only do this for achievement lmao

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  • EvilMcKillPeople

    New guns

    March 5, 2020 by EvilMcKillPeople

    I just got Hydra, Killer Whale, and Total Annihalator today! 

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  • DanganronpaRein


    February 12, 2020 by DanganronpaRein

    Hello, I am VERY new to this wiki! As I do with ANY page I contribute on, I will mainly be in the discussions! Thanks for letting me be here, I always feel welcomed when I join a new wiki!

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  • Undoubtedly Strange


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  • KilljoyGaming

    I’m new to this.

    February 3, 2020 by KilljoyGaming

    So, hi. This is Killjoy, and welcome to my blog. So, yeah. I actually might start doing this every day. I mean, why not. It seems interesting. I'm thinking about typing my thoughts on certain events in the game regularly. Anyway, that's all for today. Killjoy out.

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  • DocSlayingyoudown

    Pixel Gun Primary

    January 12, 2020 by DocSlayingyoudown
    • "Predator"
    • Acid Shotgun
    • Adamant Laser Cannon
    • Agent Valentine
    • AK Mini
    • AK-48
    • Alien Rifle
    • Aloha! Boom Boom! </li></li></li>

    Arcade Rifle </li></li></li></li> Army Rifle </li></li></li></li> Assault Machine Gun </li></li></li></li> Assault Shotgun </li></li></li></li>

    • Automatic Peacemaker </li></li></li></li>
    • Balloon Cannon </li></li></li></li>
    • Bee Swarm Spell </li></li></li></li>
    • Black Mamba </li></li></li></li>
    • Block Shotgun </li></li></li></li>
    • Brave Patriot </li></li></li></li>
    • Blinder </li></li></li></li>
    • Casanova </li></li></li></li>
    • Champion Peacemaker </li></li></li></li>
    • Checkmate </li></li></li></li>
    • Christmas Spirit </li></li></li></li>
    • Combat Rifle </li></li></li></li>
    • Cookie Minigun </li></li></li></li>
    • Cooler </li></li></li></li>
    • Crystal Laser Cannon…
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