• Nightmare King Bryce

    Do you like pixel gun? If so how much.If not why? 

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  • Ender Creeper14

    But nonetheless, I'm still here.

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    Efficiency updating

    October 18, 2018 by NOTNA YT

    Hey everyone!

    I would just like to pose a few questions in this blog post. As we all know, as of 15.1.0, all weapon efficiency stats changed drastically. I am just wondering if the efficiency that it says the weapon has actually matters. If I have a 29 efficiency Prototype S, will it function exactly the same as those who got the same weapon earlier and it now says 32 efficiency for them?

    I appreciate any responses to this!

    Thank you! NOTNA

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  • Anti-Four

    Weapon Trials

    September 28, 2018 by Anti-Four

    Weapon trials are where Pixel Gun 3D lowers your weapon damage a few matches before they ask you to try one of their "recommended armory  weapons". Many people don't realize that Pixel Gun 3D nerfed their weapons to make them feel powerless and weak. After you use Pixel GUn 3D's recommended weapons (rented 2-3 matches), then Pixel Gun 3D will balance back what your usual weapon damage stats were before the trial. Some hints that will tell you that you have a weapon trial coming up is that weakening of weapons, like a powerful one hit weapon turns to 2 or 3. Be patient when Weapon Trialings are happening, equip a nooby weapon and just mess around with it. Next time when you are feeling a little bad that your weapons aren't as good as they w…

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  • RicoPixelPro

    I have started a new series called "Debate Me". I will post about once a week. I will say something controversial and comment about why I think that way. After you read my comment, hit "Agree", "Disagree", or "I don't know" in the poll. I have already published the first one with the topic of: THE EXCALIBUR IS OVERRATED. Please follow this series, I get a sense of satisfaction that I am doing this for other people's entertainment. Thank you.

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  • LastWinder

    The Mindset of PG3D players

    September 18, 2018 by LastWinder

    Today, there's no doubt that players in PG3D prefer any kind of weapon if it means giving them easy kills. However, the problem comes whenever the devs try to nerf most overpowered weapons. Most PG3D players fail to realize the use of multiple weapon changes as they get too used to using one weapon all the time. They forget how each weapon from each category could work together and how they can synergies when used properly. Take any OP weapon as an example, when the Anti-Champ. Rifle or Camp. Mercenary got nerfed, many lower levels were rejoicing, but many were also complaining due to this sudden balance and shift in how players use this once overpowered weapon.

    They judge every single weapon based on its individual performance, as they are…

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  • AdminsTreehouse

    Maybe or not I'm 13 now and I'm in 7th grade now.. 

    And Call me......Hmmmmm.......What......Ummm........Delta?or the same... Or Not I kick you into the Void....

    ok bye!!!

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  • IDreamSpace

    I made it to admin! I’m happy And i hope you are too.

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  • Milikero


    August 29, 2018 by Milikero

    Hello! I am Milikero and am new to the wiki. Please contact me on my message wall if you need anything!

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  • Ender Creeper14

    I am back, this time for good. I may have to take breaks every now and then, but I'm back for good. I'm still the Ender you guys know and (hopefully still) love.

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