• N.W.OSNIPER chief

    1.get anti gravity gun and jump on cross

    2.use anti gravity gun again to rocket jump backwards

    warning: dont jump in the lava or you will kill yourself and spiders and ghosts can go through the gates

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  • Bucketman4

    I found out that a random person can just edit your profile, they can put whatever they want to on it, what I don't get is why is it allowed that someone can just go up and edit someone else's profile? Editing someone's profile is invading their space, and their identity. Its your profile, only you should have the right to edit it. I think the only people that can edit ANYTHING on a wiki are people who have made accounts, how do you think all these people that vandalize pages get away with it? (now granted, not all get away with it)

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  • Bucketman4

    Lately while roaming around the Pixel Gun 3d wiki, I've noticed quite a lot of information that has utterly no use. I've been reading posts on Melee weapons and I'm seeing things like "This weapon is a melee weapon, therefore, it has unlimited ammo" or "To use this weapon click the attack weapon next to the jump button." now, granted I don't know how long those post haven't been edited, I don't know much about any of that, but my question is why would you put that it has "unlimited ammo"? Melee weapons are blunt or edged objects that you hit/stab a subject with, you don't shoot it, so therefore you don't say it has "unlimited ammo". Next is the subject on saying how to use the weapon, if you were explaining how to use a melee weapon(or any…

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  • Iceblock715

    Friend List

    May 28, 2014 by Iceblock715

    I am writing this in a blog because my computer is about 8 years old. So anyway, I do not know how to add friends. Could someone please tell me? Thank you.


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  • Shinato70

    6.0 ios!

    May 27, 2014 by Shinato70

    Yes! They have finally updated ios to 6.0!!! Finally after requesting them to do it through email, they have finally done it! But it only features the stuff from android 6.0, not android 6.3. But today is a happy day :)!

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  • Lphilp
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  • Mr creeper\the shaved bacca
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  • PharohStalker

    Ninyay Minion

    May 25, 2014 by PharohStalker

    This is the monster in the Sea World in coming soon world.

    stats Damage: 2 Speed: Fast Health: 13

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  • Bashihbk01


    May 24, 2014 by Bashihbk01

    I'm thinking of making a template (table in other words) that will include all the weapons on it and add it into every weapons page. What do the community and admins think?

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  • AdiTheMan11

    Welcome Note :)

    May 18, 2014 by AdiTheMan11

    Hello Community!

    I'm Aditya,Formerly known in the game as Adi.I'm A new member here and would like to continue posting on this wonderful website.Thx!

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