• Bloonsmaster5963

    Der Riese Cost: 200 Type: Heavy Machine Gun Damage: 2 Hearts Fire Rate: 20 Per Sec. Ammo: 100/200 Special: None " Total Annhilation, destruction, and free potatoes of course "

    Black-Bomba Cost: 250 Type: Special Damage: Infinite Fire Rate: Single-hot Ammo: 1/2 Special: Creates a black hole where the shot landed and sucks all players in from a small radius "Whats that, It's a black hole causing devastation on the battle field and ripping enemies apart to lifeless strings...KO"

    Potato-Gun Cost: 100 Type: Shotgun Damage: 4 Hearts Fire Rate: Pump- Action Ammo: 5/25 Special: Does splash damage and takes away 3 hearts from the splash "Potatoes are what keep the economy going. Like this picture of a potato "

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  • Bethany1414

    As most people know, it can be very difficult to earn coins while playing Pixel Gun 3D. For me, it was the same. But from my experience, I figured out a fast easy way to earn coins. I played survival mode, just above the battle now button. You get 1 coin per wave, and bonus coins for every 10,000 points you earn. By the time you've passed wave 10, you'd be earning 10-20 coins per wave. If you're really good at survival, you can earn over 1,000 coins. Once, I passed wave 67 and earned about 800 coins.To me, that's pretty good. So please, don't waste your money on buying coins, the prices are really crazy! Go the easy way, and play survival.

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  • TheCommandramon

    A nintendo employee just started following me on twitter!

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  • DiamondDeathMC


    July 27, 2014 by DiamondDeathMC

    I don't have any idea what to say. Classic me -_-

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  • TheCommandramon

    Hey. Few interesting bits of information...

    1. As of July 26, I'm the highest ranking Trusted user.
    2. These british guys made a giant butt gun to fart at the french, and it was so loud that people in France could actually hear it.
    3. The Respawnables is a surprisingly fun game.
    4. The new gamemode on TF2 (Robot Destruction, I think it was called) is a LOT of fun.
    5. I'm finally on the chapter in Fire Emblem Sacred Stones where Prince Ephraim and Eirika reunite after the storyline split.
    6. My bother is getting married on Monday.
    7. My dad works tomorrow and my mother is flying to Florida for the wedding, so I get the house to myself tomorrow.
    8. I'm probably going to dance and sing at some point tomorrow.

    So yeah!

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  • 1756cadence

    shadow craft

    July 26, 2014 by 1756cadence

    hey ppl how do u play pixel gun accually like kill the ppl please blog and lemme know bye

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  • Usyler

    Another blog.

    July 26, 2014 by Usyler

    Ok Hi,

    I decided that I wanted to go on Deadly Games today and I got the Army Rifle and the Sniper Rifle (from looting others chests) And these were by far the best weapons I've ever had in deadly games. So I was thinking that these weapons could win me the game. And it was totally cool since i did win. I usually get this combo 2-3 out of 10 times.

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  • Mgs1

    After I got Pixel Gun 3d, I decided to download it on my sister's phone so she could play it too because she thought it was fun.  But we both agreed that she was TERRIBLE at the game.I bought her some weapons like RAMBO'S RIFLE and PLASMA PISTOL hoping she could get better at the game this way.  However she still didn't improve much.  Is there any recommendations for weapons or tips to give to a newcomer?

    Long story short:  Any recommendations for a newcomer?

    By the way, if you've fought my sister before and you wonder why she has rank 7 but she keeps dieing, she has a high rank probaley because I played on her account for her to get some cash.  Her name is MISS PANDA

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  • Bloonsmaster5963

    Pixel Gun 3D: New Weapons Pt.4

    Tipi-Transporter Cost: 200 Type: Special Damage: 5 Hearts Fire Rate: Single-Fire Ammo: 1/5 Special: Teleports the person that is shot far away from you "Diese Waffe ist für spezielle Zwecke wie läuft von Ihrer Mutter, wenn sie über Sie zu schlagen spezialisiert"

    "Blutige Dunst" Cost: 250 Type: Heavy Machine Damage: 2 Hearts Fire Rate: 30 Per Sec. Ammo: 200/400 Special: Armor acts if it was invisible "Doesn't that sound satisfy your ears when you pull the trigger? No to me it doesn't it just sounds like a retarded loud fart sound"

    Richtofen's Bomber Cost: 175 Type: Single-shot Damage: 15 Hearts Fire Rate: Free Fire Ammo: 1/5 Special: None "Boom, boom, boom. The sweet sound of the explosives against …

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  • DJShadoZombiz

    I got 725 coins now, and I have no idea what to do with them. Please leave some suggestions.

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