The Blue Phantom is an enemy that appears only in Dead City, in the Hospital and Bridge areas.


The Blue Phantom, like all enemies in Raid, will chase you around its Guarding Zone, dealing significant damage to players whenever they come near. When it turns invisible, it is immune to attacks. (Just like the Castle Ghost)


It is an aquamarine figure that permanently hovers around with a hunched-over posture. It has four hair-like tendrils coming out of it's head, blank white eyes, and a jaw fixed permanently open.



  • Both the Blue Phantom and the Zombie Teacher boss have the ability to become invincible when invisible, and are the only enemies thus far to be able to do this.
    • As of 16.4.0, they are joined by the Castle Ghost (Raid Only) and Tree Warrior.


  • Do not attack them when they turn invisible. Either wait, or attack other enemies until they're visible again.
    • If you attack them while they are invisible, you are wasting ammunition since they will take no damage in that state.
  • Aim for the head with your weapons to deal more damage.
  • Crowd this enemy so that they will have a hard time trying to determine who to attack.
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