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Bunny Hopping is the term used for players that use items, such as wear and craft items, used for amplifing the jump boost and/or overall jumping mechanic, usually to strafe bullets, jump higher and lasting longer in mid-air. This became possible when wear were introduced.


  • Use Primary weapons to encounter these users. Since they have a lot of ammunition and a high fire rate, naturally, the opponent can get a few shots on them from the Primary weapon.
  • Use a weapon that slows down the target. That way, it can temporarily prevent them from bunny hopping.
  • Use the Singular Grenade or the Eraser to temporarily trap them, then finish them off with a Heavy weapon.
  • Use the Sticky Candy to temporarily trap bunny hoppers.
  • The Casanova is a Primary weapon with a slow down target effect. It is highly recommended to use this weapon against them.

Items used

There are a wide variety of items that boost the jump height and that allow bunny hopping easier.



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