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In the Map Selection, Capture is basically the condensation of Flag Capture and Point Capture into one tab, and it is not a mode. This change happened in the 16.2.0, with the introduction of Raid.


Flag Capture

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Like Team Fight, Flag Capture has two teams. Team members must capture their enemy's flag and bring it to their flag's base to score a point for their team.

If the flag carrier (or flag bearer) was killed, the flag will be dropped, unaffected by gravity. Giving chance to the bearer's team to pick it up, or the enemy team to recover it. But if the flag bearer dies from a map hazard, the flag will return on its own.

Also, to score a point, a team member can only capture the enemy flag if their own flag is on its pedestal. And if not, they can't capture until their flag was returned. The team with the highest score before the time runs out wins the match.

Point Capture

Point Capture is a gamemode introduced in the 10.0.0 update.

MSPG3D12.2 (2)

When the player joins a game, they will be automatically put in a different team.

The goal of the gamemode is that a team must generate 1000 points or have the most points within the time limit by standing and/or moving inside the specific points on the areas that generate points. Once the player stands or move inside the points for a certain amount of time, the base is automatically 'claimed' by the player's team and will generate points for it, even if nobody from their team is standing on the point, and it is already claimed, it will be marked blue. The points claimed by the enemy team though, will be marked red. There are 3 bases: A, B and C. The points have a circle marking the range that they step in for generating points. More than one player from the same team standing at the same point captures points slightly faster.

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