Fort Boosters have pretty simple mechanics in Fort Siege: They provide useful buffs for the defending team, the defending Fort, or any allies the defending team may have. Three have been announced by the game developers and have made cameos in the Fort section of all clans, but only one of these three is currently in the game. NOTE: All Fort Boosters have a rarity of Mythical and require 300 parts to craft.

Radar Station

The Radar Station's function is to increase the range of all Siege Turrets and Siege Artillery that the defending team may have. However, it doesn’t increase damage or fire rate, and doesn’t give off any special attributes to players or objects.


  • Unlike most other fort objects, the Fort Boosters cannot be destroyed by enemy fire.
  • Out of the three Fort Boosters mentioned here, only the Radar Station is currently in the game.
  • The Pet Resizer has a robot on it similar in appearance to that of the Guardian gadget. Similarly, the syringe that the robot holds is similar to that of the Pet Booster gadget.
  • The Throne of Champions is based off the throne from the Castle map and Knife Party.

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