Siege Turrets are stationary defenses placed on special podiums in front of the defending team's fort. These turrets are exclusive to Fort Siege. When they encounter an enemy, they will attack that enemy until they die.

Poisonous Plants

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Poisonous Plants look and function exactly like their Campaign counterparts, with their green projectiles dealing Poison. However, they are incapable of leaving their podiums.

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Machine Gun Sentry

These deadly machine guns look and function exactly like the Turret gadget, but the damage of these ones is much higher

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These deadly flamethrowers shoot a barrage of fire at the enemy at close range, dealing light damage and inflicting a Burning effect.

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Tesla Coil

These Tesla turrets deal heavy damage using electric bolts. These bolts are capable of killing anyone who has anything lower than medium Ruby Armor in two shots, and instantly kill those who have anything lower than light Gold Armor.

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Missile Turret

These turrets shoot deadly missiles at the enemy that inflict heavy damage to attackers. They have a slow travel time, but are capable of unleashing a large payload on the attackers.

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Laser Turret

These deadly laser turrets shoot purple laser beams at the enemy. Their fire rate is slow, however it is capable killing anyone in two hits. It is the only turret that has Wall Break.

Countering Turrets

The most efficient and safest way to destroy any kind of Fort turrets is using sniper rifles or weapons such as the Laser Bouncer, One Shot, Prototype (PG3D), and other high damaging weapons. Weapons such as the Champion Peacemaker, Freeze Ray Rifle (PG3D) may prove somewhat effective, however, you would need to be accurate with Automatic Weapons and would have to use a lot of ammo.


  • The Tesla Coil somewhat resembles the Mega Tesla from Clash of Clans. It may also be a parody of the Tesla Coil in the game Conquer and Destroy.
  • The Laser Turret is the only Turret that has wallbreak. Its barrels somewhat resemble the barrel of the Prototype.

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