The weapons listed here are capable of shooting in bursts when the fire button is held down. However, this is not the true definition of semi-auto, as it means a gun is able to fire repeatedly through an automatic reloading process but requiring release and another pressure of the trigger for each successive shot. (Definition by Merriam-Webster) Consequently, it should have been named "burst shot", due to its nature.

This is not to be confused with multiple shots. Semi-auto fires in bursts. For example, the Mercenary has 27/50 ammo, so one tap uses 5 bullets, making it 22/50 ammo. Meanwhile, if a weapon with multiple shots (e.g. Hydra) had 5/10 ammo, one tap might shoot 3 bullets, but the player would be left with 4/10 ammo instead of 2/10 ammo.

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