For the the weapon of the same name, see Checkmate (Weapon).

Checkmate is a multiplayer map introduced in the 16.6.0 update.


The map is themed to an oversized chess board located in the middle of a peach colored void. Various game pieces can be seen in the distance. On the board itself, the pieces move and interact with each other, playing a game of chess during the battle. A large clock can be seen orbiting the map.

The board is surrounded by to-scale weapons, such as the Combat Knife, Pixel Gun, and Frag Grenade, on the white side, as well as a pair of brass knuckles, a Voodoo Doll, a mystical orb, a dagger, and the Curse Spell on the black side.


  • If the player is in the way of a move, the piece will nudge you aside. Use the pieces to distract the opponent a bit.
  • Don't be fooled. The weapons on the map do not do anything, and are only there for aesthetic purposes. The chess pieces don't kill the player either.
  • You can fight the player outside the chess gameplay area so that the chess pieces do not get into your way.
  • Use a wall break weapon in case someone hides between chess sets.


  • If the player is in the way of a move, the piece will nudge them aside.
  • The map is based on the real-life board game, Chess.
  • It is currently the only map to have to have terrains destroying other terrains.
  • The chess pieces are not randomized. They always go in the same pattern every match.


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