The Christmas Sword is a Melee weapon.


It resembles a pine tree with a yellow star on top. The base is a very short wooden handle.


It has overall standard stats, so it can be used in a very large amount of ways.


  • Use this weapon the same way with other melees: sneak up behind people, strafe around when using, etc.
  • This weapon is not very strong. It is recommended to not use this weapon in level 12+ if you have it. However, due to the revamp of the upgrade system, you can max this weapon out to your current level, making it usable.
  • Use this weapon while strafing around the enemy, avoiding damage.
  • Aim for the head to maximize the damage.


  • You will not know if the enemy is holding this weapon. This weapon will look like the knight sword in their hands. This is a weaker form of the knight sword after all, so you should use all counters against the knight sword.
  • Stay out of the sword's ranges and you should be fine. Use a long ranged weapon against its users.
  • This weapon is not a threat in level 12+ unless you are in low hp.
  • Rocket jump to avoid its hits.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Have a long range weapon to attack people with, when they are out of reach.


  • This sword is based off a common decoration from the holiday Christmas.
  • It has been removed from the game as of 8.2.1.
    • Despite the fact that it is removed, it is seen on the title app for 9.0.4.
    • It was temporarily brought back in the 13.1.0 update.
    • Users who have this weapon will look like the knight sword in third person.
    • It was brought back in a recent update for 105 Gems.


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