The Christmas Tree Turret is a Tool introduced in the 11.2.2 update.


The Christmas Tree Turret appears that it was Christmas themed and is similar to the Turret, however, it is themed like a Christmas tree. It's body has been embellished as a Christmas tree, hence its name. The base is an open red box with festive decals on each face. It also has 2 barrels instead of 1.


It is similarly used as a Turret, except that it has two nozzles, so it can attack from its front and its back, killing all nearby enemies simultaneously.


  • Deploy it on weakened enemies, since the Christmas Tree Turret, even at the final form, deals a small amount of damage.
  • Monsters in Campaign or Arena mode will prioritize to destroy the Turret if deployed, making it ideal for distracting them to make a getaway.


  • It has a lot of health, so try to shoot it multiple times with highly efficient weapons, since shooting it with the weaker weapons will make you lead into a disadvantage on taking out the Christmas Tree Turret.
  • Try to stay far from the turret, since it has a slight damage sphere around it.
  • Use a far-range, fast-firing weapon to easily destroy it. 


Christmas themed.


  • This is the second Turret in PG3D, however, it possesses many differences compared to its predecessor.
    • For starters, and an obvious fact, the turret here is based around a Christmas Tree, and not like the standard Turret's sentry gun design.
    • Second, unlike the Turret's function to lock onto nearby enemies and shoot them down, the Christmas Tree Turret spins rapidly, dealing "Area Damage" with the two barrels on each side of the turret.
  • The Turret also has a cooldown time of a full minute; this one has a cool down 10 seconds faster than the original
  • The Christmas Tree Turret also has 10 health points more than the standard Turret.
    • This comes at a cost of lower attack power and duration, however.
  • "Killing" a Christmas Tree Turret, much like the normal Turret, will count as a kill point in modes such as Duel and Deathmatch.
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