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The Circus Cannon is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 14.0.0 update. It is a re-skin of the Big Buddy (PG3D)/ Big Buddy (PGW).


It is a reskin of the Big Buddy. It has a yellow, red, and paint job with a base and 4 wheels. Unlike its predecessor (The Big Buddy (PG3D)), it does not feature the smiley face. It fires large red cannonballs instead of the black cannonballs that its predecessor did.


Use this how you would use the Big Buddy. It deals slightly less damage than it's predecessor, as well as less capacity.


  • Fire on the ground to where the opponent is
    • If you miss this shot, switch to a high mobility weapon such as the Dark Force Saber or the Multitaskers.
    • Do not try to shoot again, as this weapon's fire rate will take much time to get off a second shot.
  • The Circus Cannon has a very slow fire rate and mobility, so you can't hold it the entire match. Rocket jump with the Multitaskers and fire with the Circus Cannon.
  • Do not reload until you are completely safe from harm, as it takes a long time to reload.


  • Pick off the user from long ranges. However, be aware that they can still hit you from even long ranges since it does it have a looping shot.
  • Never engage in close combat.
    • If you are engaging this user in close ranges, then make sure to be jumping and continuously moving to dodge their shots.
  • If the user is reloading, then kill them with a sniper.





Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Use with a high mobility weapon and a one hit sniper.


  • This weapon resembles the cannons some circuses use to shoot people out (For performances, of course).
  • When this weapon was released in the 14.0.0 Sniper update, it caused much argument among old players who had the Big Buddy (PG3D), and the new players who got it on which weapon is more powerful, due to the Big Buddy (PG3D) being a weapon nostalgic and sentimental to veterans of Pixel Gun 3D.
  • It is the reskin of Big Buddy (PG3D).
  • This is pretty much a Big Buddy. But a little weaker.