Not to be confused with the crafting item, Citadel (Fort Base).

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Citadel  is the fifth level of Virtual Worlds in Campaign.


With all the champions recruited, the Newbie goes to Cubic's citadel to stop it once and for all. However, the Admin, who takes the form of the Newbie, begins cloning itself to stop the Newbie and the champions.




The citadel is heavily inspired by Parkour City 3018, where most of the map takes place on rooftops.

The player is spawned in front of the ship, where most of the characters can be seen as background characters. In most of the outdoor areas, there are pathways and AC units acting as cover. Underneath the spawning area, there is a room with cases and energy units.


  • Be careful when traversing around the map since Network Streamer Admins can sneak up behind you.
  • Keep an eye on your surroundings while you are hiding from enemies.
  • All enemies are ranged, keep moving and keep your distance.
  • You can hide where the gem is located and pick off enemies one by one with the Disconnector as they try to go down the ladder. Be careful, though. If they land on the platform they will be able to shoot.
  • The Disconnector is a good weapon to defeat the Admin with since it deals good damage each hit, can shoot projectiles and doesn't require any ammo.
    • Additionally, it can help when fighting off the other enemies before the Boss.
    • In addition, maneuver around the small buildings since the Admin can shoot at high range.
    • Defeat the Cyber Phoenixes that support the Admin.

Hidden Coin and Gem

A hidden coin can be seen behind one of cases in the room underneath where the player spawns.

The hidden gem is located on a hidden balcony right of the map. The player is required to drop down to pick it up.


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