The Citadel is a Base introduced in the 12.0.0 update. It is also a base in the Clan Fort, under the name Stronghold.


It appears to be a large castle with a brown opening, a half-circle shaped doorway, 3 red rooftops and 2 orange rooftops. It is also fully made out of stone bricks. It has 3 windows on the front side, and 2 on the left tower with an orange rooftop. It has 2 torches places symmetrically, along with 2 blue symbols, also placed symmetrically.



It is used to tremendously increase the chance of ignored damage.


It replaces the original Fort with the citadel.


Medieval themed.


  • It looks like the full upgrade to the Castle and the successor of the Fortress.
  • For unknown reasons, bases like the Citadel (Fort Base) cannot be removed.
  • Even though the doorway is decently large, the opening looks bigger than the doorway.
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