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The Clan Chests were a feature added in the 13.0.0 update. It is a clan feature to get some gun and fort parts.

Opening Chests

When you get a certain amount of medals, a chest can be opened. You can also buy medals by tapping on the medal icon before the first chest.

Chest Rewards

When opening a clan chest, you get three items. Some rewards you get are:

  • Gun parts, which can be used to craft a gun.
  • Fort parts, which you can use to build your fort. The fort parts are defense, decoration, or vehicle parts.
  • Any fort parts your clanmates get are sent to the team storage, not collected separately.
  • If a gun is crafted, the corresponding slot will be replaced by coins, depending on which chest you are opening. (Small: ~17, Medium: ~25, Big: ~32, Huge: ~50)

Chest Parts

  • Small: ~8 Uncommon/common Parts
  • Medium: ~7 Epic parts and 1 legendary part
  • Big: ~7 Legendary parts and 2 mythical parts
  • Huge: ~8 Legendary parts and 2 mythical parts