Clan War

A Clan War is a clan event introduced in the 17.0.0 update, which lasts around a week. The objective of a Clan War is to capture zones by doing tasks in which multiple clan members can collaborate to finish them. Doing so allows being rewarded Clan Silver and Clan Valor Points. Once a clan war ends, the clan takes a break from the war for some time and could no longer earn clan valor points or clan silver.


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A clan competes with 5 other clans of the same division. A clan competes with 5 other clans of the same division, and the better the division, the more competitive the clans usually are. All of the clans compete of capturing the most zones, and the one with the most total clan valor points will level up to the next clan division and gain a large reward.

Capturing Zones

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Capturing a zone allows the reward of a certain amount of clan silver and clan valor points, depending on the contribution of the player, but some of the better clans can receive an automatic income of a certain amount of clan silver and clan valor points.

Clan Raid

Main article: Clan Raid

A Clan Raid is a duel between two clans. One of the clans would have to defend their own fort and the other has to reach the fort using their tank. A Clan Raid can happen at any given time.

In this game mode, a clan wins and the other clan loses, naturally. The winning clan gets extra Clan Silver and Clan Valor Points, while the losing clan gets nothing.

Monster Siege

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A Monster Siege is basically an attack to the clan from the monsters. On occasion, monsters would try to steal the treasury of the clan, disallowing income of Clan Silver and Clan Valor Points from occupied territories, which is why this mode was made. The objective is to fight off the monsters with a required number of times to unlock the income collection.

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