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A look inside the clan GUI

Clans are a type of team introduced in the 6.0.0 update and revamped in the 13.0.0 update. If someone is in a clan, the clan logo and name will appear below the player's name. It requires level 6 to unlock it.


There are a lot of features in the clans system. They are the following:

  • Clan leaderboards, which indicate the clans with the most medals.
  • Clan search, which is where clans are searched.
  • Clan invites, which are used to invite other players into a clan.
  • Clan chat, which is a chatroom exclusive to members in a specific clan.
  • Clan Forts, added in 13.1.0.
  • Siege, also added in 13.1.0.
  • Medals, which can be earned up to 120 per day.
  • Daily Chest, Winner Chest, and Clan Chest.
  • Fort Objects, which are used for the clan fort.
  • A clan interface, containing the clan information such as the amount of members and sieges won, the members of the clan and the clan logo, name, and motto on the top.

How to Create a Clan

Clan Maker

Requirements: 50 Coin

  • To create a clan, go to the home menu and tap on the blue "Clans" button.
  • Tap on the "New Clan" button.
  • The logo name and a logo motto can be added and the clan type can be changed. (a public clan can let anybody join, while only invited people are allowed in a private clan) and choose 12 pre-made logos or even edit one of them.
  • Tap on the "Create" button.


Owning Clans

The leader usually has more control over their specific clan. For instance, they are able to expand the clan by five people with 50 gems, as well as accepting invites and generally having more capabilities when managing their clan.

Public Clans

Players can freely join public clans simply by tapping the "Join a Clan" button. However, if the clan if full you will be unable to join.

Private Clans

In private clans, players are required to send a request by tapping on the "Apply Request" button. Once the player has applied a request, the clan leader will receive a request and they can accept or deny the request.

Sending a request

Alternatively, the clan leader can invite his/her friends to join the clan by sending a request. If that player accepts the request, that player will enter the clan.


Rank System

In any clan, there are three roles:

  • Clan Leader: The clan leader owns or leads the clan and they are usually the person who created the clan originally. They can manage the clan members, including inviting players, banishing them, promoting them to officer or demoting them to a regular clan member. They can also build fort objects once all the parts are collected from the Clan Chests and install them to the clan's fort.
  • Officer: An officer is basically a clan member with more privileges. They can invite players to the clan and install fort objects. There is be a limited amount of officers, and the limit depends on the maximum member count of the clan. For example, a clan with a member limit of 10 can have 2 officers, another one with a member limit of 15 can have 3 and one with up to 20 members can have 4.
  • Fighter: A fighter is a regular clan member who has no additional privileges, unlike the clan leader and the officer.


  • The clans system has been heavily revamped in the 13.0.0 update. In the 13.1.0 update, more will be added to the improvements to the clans system, which are clan forts and sieges.
  • The cost to create a clan was changed from 300 Coin to 150 Coin to 50 Coin after a debate to lower the clan cost.
    • Originally (before the 13.0.0 update), clans didn't require any money to create.
  • In the PG3D 15.2.0 update, the clans system has been updated to now have different chest collecting systems and a new hierarchy, including an officer role, which moderates the clan.
  • Clan thievery is possible when someone joins the clan, lies that they're gonna give the officer role, and then kick the leader and take over the clan.

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