Not to be confused with the removed weapon, Nutcracker.

The Clockwork Nutcracker is a Tools gadget introduced in the 11.2.2 update.


It seems to be a nutcracker with white hair, large teeth, a red and golden shirt and a red and blue hat with a helicopter part on the top of the hat. It also holds a pack of dynamite, similar to the TNT Block from Minecraft. A yellow wind-up key can also be seen on the back.


It targets the nearest enemy only, and the enemy blows up after approach, making this gadget a homing missile gadget, similar to the Bee Swarm Spell and the Smart Bullet Bazooka. It will automatically detonate after a period of time after deployment, however it can increased by upgrading.



  • Use it close to enemies.
  • Use this to track your enemies in Battle Royale
  • Use it when enemies are clustered to damage multiples of them at a time, to well-benefit from the area damage.
  • This can be helpful to take out targets using the Jetpack.
  • Make sure that the enemy is in sight, otherwise, it will fly straight and hits nothing.
  • Take into consideration the 1-second wind up time before using it, otherwise, the user could be killed while winding it up, wasting the gadget.
  • The gadget is useful for having players retreat from their current position, potentially making them vulnerable from attacks.
  • As it deals lethal damage to the target(s), and it is a hard counter to heavily armored players or Mechs.


  • Stay far away from it.
    • If it is possible try making sharp turns into doorways so it will lose track.
    • Alternatively, move behind a physical wall so that the nutcracker explodes into the wall.
  • Try running into other enemies so that it will follow other enemies instead.
    • However, do not get too close to the other enemy, since you may die from the explosion too.
  • It does NOT have health, therefore shooting it won't do anything besides wasting your ammo.
  • However using the Barrier Rifle will destroy it automatically.



Cooldown Time
Initial Tier 50 Seconds 23 Seconds
Tier 1 49 Seconds 25 Seconds
Tier 2 48 Seconds 27 Seconds
Tier 3 47 Seconds 28 Seconds
Tier 4 46 Seconds 29 Seconds
Tier 5 45 Seconds 31 Seconds
Tier 6 44 Seconds 32 Seconds
Tier 7 43 Seconds 34 Seconds
Tier 8 42 Seconds 36 Seconds
Final Tier 41 Seconds 38 Seconds


  • This is very effective in Battle Royale.
  • This and the Cyber Bees Swarm are the only gadget with the Homing Missile attribute.
  • This gadget is one the few Tool Gadgets that have the "Area Damage" attribute to it.
  • The appearance of the Nutcracker may have inspired the Fairy Tale season Prince skin.
  • It only has one propeller, so in reality the lower part would spin with the propeller.
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