Not to be confused with the removed weapon, Nutcracker.

The Clockwork Nutcracker is a Tools gadget introduced in the 11.2.2 update.


It seems to be a pixelated nutcracker with white hair, large teeth, red and golden shirt and a red and blue hat with a helicopter part on the hat. It also holds a pack of dynamites, similar to the TNT Block from Minecraft. A yellow wind-up key can also be seen on the back. It will automatically detonate after 15 seconds after deployment.


It targets the nearest enemy only, and the enemy blows up after approach, making this gadget a homing missile gadget, similar to the Bee Swarm Spell and the Smart Bullet Bazooka.


  • Use it close to enemies.
  • Use it when enemies are clustered to damage multiple at a time.
  • This can be helpful to take out targets using the Jetpack.
  • Make sure that the enemy is in sight, otherwise, it will fly straight and hits nothing.
  • Take into consideration the 1-second wind up time before using it, otherwise, the user could be killed while winding it up, wasting the gadget.
  • The gadget is useful for having players retreat from their current position, potentially making them vulnerable from attacks.
  • As it deals lethal damage to the target(s), it is a hard counter to heavily armored players or Mechs.


  • Stay far away from it.
    • If possible try making sharp turns into doorways so it will lose track.
    • Alternatively, move behind a physical wall so that the nutcracker explodes into the wall.
  • Try running into other enemies so that it will follow other enemies instead.
    • However, do not get too close to the other enemy, since you may die from the explosion too.
  • It does NOT have health, therefore shooting it won't do anything.


Christmas themed.


  • This is the only gadget with the Homing Missile attribute.
  • This gadget is one of four Tool Gadgets that have the "Area Damage" attribute to it.
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