The Code Poisonous Plant is an enemy only found in the 5th campaign level ??? in the campaign world Crossed Worlds.


It is similar to the Poisonous Plant in Swamp or poisonous plant in arena except it has a more matrix like theme, that matches its background. Its black with turquoise borders on its head and its black with green borders on its legs. When it attacks, it shoots blue orbs of matter at the player that have the "Wall Break" effect. It is meant to appear as if it is an unfinished or raw code for the actual game.


It moves towards the player and when its at a close enough distance, it will shoot out blue orbs of matter at the player, which have the "Wall Break" effect. If its the last enemy left, it will start to run.


Difficulty Damage Health Speed
Easy 3 Heart new 20 Heart new Moderate
Medium 3 Heart new 25 Heart new Moderate
Hard 3 Heart new 30 Heart new Moderate


  • If it is the last enemy left, it will start to run.
  • It is based on the Peashooter plant in Plants Vs. Zombies, but with a Matrix theme, neon colors, and a slight appearance change. it also resembles chomper and possibly sunflower.


  • Stay far away from this enemy since its projectiles have travel time strafe around the projectiles and use weapons with scopes on it to kill them easily.
  • Simply engage from afar or while strafing.
  • This enemy is relatively easy to kill, but be careful because it can take you off guard if you don't watch out.
  • Use a heavy weapon to knock them out quickly.
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