The guy who made a warhead out of the corn has golden hands. Or he just loved pop-corn but didn't know how to cook it.

—Weapon description in the Gallery

(The Corn Launcher is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 15.5.0 update as part of the Cyber Pilgrim set.


It is a rocket launcher that shoots an explosive corn missile with cluster bomb. It has high damage, a low fire rate, low capacity, and somewhat low mobility.


The Corn Launcher is a mostly dull-grey Rocket-Propelled-Grenade launcher (RPG) that was modified to launch the ears of corn. There are also leaves on the barrel of the weapon too.


It is a weapon that is held with both hands like a rocket launcher. It shoots a missile that is shaped like corn with a cluster bomb attribute which can damage enemies after the main missile hits.

When reloading, a spare corn missile is inserted into the rocket launcher nozzle. It currently does not have any delay mechanics.



  • This weapon should NOT be used in long-range, due to its slow firing rate and travel time.
  • This weapon has one of the smallest area damages in the heavy section, try only to get direct hits with this.
  • Use this weapon against a group as this weapon has area damage and cluster bomb.
  • Use this like a mix between Christmas Ultimatum and Rocket Launcher.


  • Because of its sluggish fire rate, kill the user with a fast fire rate weapon.
  • Do not get close to a user of this gun unless you have too, as it is almost guaranteed to kill you, unless you intend to lure its user to suicide.
    • As of the 17.6.0 update, this is no longer the case.
  • Double jump if you encounter its rockets.
  • Since this weapon has bullet travel time, attack the user from long range.
  • Dodging the first rocket will make you have 4 seconds free from incoming fire, so be sure to eliminate the user in that time.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

  • Use this weapon with the Triple Musket, so that if this gun doesn't kill them, you can easily kill them with the Triple Musket.
  • It would be advised to use a faster firing gun like the Secret Forces Rifle or the Future Police Rifle.
  • Use this gun in a small map to maximize effectiveness.



  • Initial release.


  • This and all weapons that have cluster bomb attribute have a buff in term of damage.


  • This, along with weapons that have cluster bomb attribute have their cluster bomb nefted, only dealing 3/4 the old damage.


  • The weapon's damage was reduced by 58%.


  • It no longer use Toy Bomber's projectiles as its Cluster Bombs.


  • Itself Based off RPG-7
  • This weapon was originally a one-shot kill even if it was not a direct hit on a max armored player.
  • This weapon, along with the Triple Musket and the Thanksgiving Pie are part of the Cyber Pilgrim Set.
  • It has the reload animation of the Easter Bazooka and the Rocket Launcher.
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