The Corn Launcher is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 15.5.0 update as part of the Cyber Pilgrim set.


The Corn Launcher is a mostly dull-grey Rocket-Propelled-Grenade launcher (RPG) that was modified to launch ears of corn. There are also leaves on the barrel of the weapon too.


This weapon is a guaranteed one shot kill on a max armored player, but only if it is a direct hit on the enemy player, so it would be advised to use a faster firing gun like the secret forces rifle or the Future Police Rifle. Use this gun in a small map to maximize effectiveness.


  • This weapon should NOT be used in long range, due to its slow firing rate and travel time.
  • This weapon has one of the smallest area damages in the heavy section, try only to get direct hits with this.
  • Use this weapon against a group as this weapon has area damage and cluster bomb.


  • Because of it's sluggish fire rate, kill the user with a fast fire rate weapon.
  • Do not get close to a user of this gun unless you have too, as it is almost guaranteed to kill you.
  • Double jump if you encounter its rockets.
  • Since this weapon has bullet travel time, attack the user from long range.

Weapon Setups

Use this weapon with the Triple musket. so that if this gun doesn't kill them, you can easily kill them with the triple musket.


  • This gun was originally a one shot kill even if it was not a direct hit on a max armored player.
  • This gun, along with the Triple musket, and Thanksgiving pie are part of the Cyber Pilgrim Set.
  • Its have the reload animation of the Easter Bazooka and the Rocket Launcher.
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