This article is about the currency used in the Gallery. To learn more about the removed Minigame related currency with the same image, see Ticket.


Coupons Tickettrans are a type of currency introduced in the 16.5.0 update.


A coupon's appearance is similar to the now-removed Ticket.

It appears as a ticket with red edges and a dark red circle on the center. On the circle's center, there is a white Pixel Gun printed on it.

Coupon Exchange System


Coupons are used as an alternative currency to purchase weapons. A weapon can be purchased through the Gun Gallery.


Coupons can be obtained through completing themed weapon sets in the Gun Gallery. Additional coupons can be obtained by completing a set number of weapon collections.

NOTE: If the weapon currently exists in the armory costing coins/gems, and coupons are used to obtain them, they will be the level displayed. If not, then it will be your max level depending on your player level (example: Lv55, buy Anime Scythe and it will be Lv47, but buy Fatal Melter it will be Lv55).

Every 5 weapons purchased from the shop or obtained WITHOUT COUPONS will earn the user coupons, depending on how many weapons they have already.

Prices of Guns

  • Common: 30 Tickettrans
  • Rare: 50 Tickettrans
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