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Removed Symbol
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The Crook Zombie was the boss in the Prison level.


It's a zombie with an extremely big mouth wearing a prisoner suit, and has tattered clothing, with no eyes/hidden eyes and an injury on its body, similar to the Injured Zombie torso. It has a bloody red mark on his shirt with yellowish teeth.


It will shamble towards the player, arms straight out. Any contact with the arms will deal moderate damage.


  • It looks a like normal Injured Zombie but in a prisoner suit, without eyes and a big mouth.
  • This boss was removed and was replaced with the Tortured Prisoner.
  • This boss has the same face type no eyes big mouth like ”The Cook”
  • It normally spawned in the room with the cells. It is quite fast and gets to other parts of the map quite quickly despite it's initial spawn.
  • It is unknown why this zombie has no eyes. It is even more unknown why it can move around well without seeing. Possibilities include smell or “tasting” of the air like a snake.


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