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Not to be confused with the boss and character, Cubic.

Cubic is the sixth and final level of Virtual Worlds in Campaign.


The Newbie and the champions defeat the Admin and all of its clones, leaving only Cubic left. The Teleportal Champion opens a portal to Cubic, in which the Newbie enters to stop Cubic.




The level takes place on the rooftop of the Citadel in the previous level.

The level is surrounded by a red barrier and has multiple Tetris pieces surrounding the middle of the arena. In the air, there are large Tetris pieces and a large Rubix Cube in the middle. The ship can be seen flying in the background.



  • There aren't any hidden currencies in this level making it the first campaign level to not have any hidden currencies.
  • There are 45 enemies in Easy mode. However, in Hard mode, there's 50.
  • This is the first Campaign world wherein you are not permitted from using your own loadout you so desired. Instead, you are given six weapons of each type. Also, gadgets are not permitted to be used in this campaign level as well.


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