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The Curse Spell is a Special weapon introduced in the 13.2.0 update.


It is a book with gold plating on its edges, red crosses on both the hardback covers, the front cover has a skull on the cross' center, while the back cover has a crossed bone.

The book's spine has a bony appearance.


It has very good efficiency, decent rate of fire, and below average mobility.


  • Use this weapon in small enclosed maps it has a Piercing Shot ability so it can go through multiple players. In enclosed maps, it would be more effective. It also has the “Bleeding” effect and bleeding does 2 damage to a player per 1 second.
  • Using a gadget such as Singular Grenade or Sticky Candy is a generally good idea, that way you can hit more people with the bleeding effect.
  • This weapon has a fairly fast bullet speed.
  • Use this weapon similarly to the Anime Scythe and the Poseidon Trident.
  • This weapon can generally 2 shot body shot.
  • Aim for the head to deal more damage and gain additional points.


  • Pick off its users from long ranges.
  • Ambush the user using a high mobility weapon such as the Dark Force Saber or Special Agent.
  • Use area damage weapons to cause the user to miss their shot.

Supported Maps

Weapon Setups

Carry a high mobility weapon (preferably Special Agent) to help maintain good speed over people using high mobility weapons to attack you. Also carry a high efficiency Sniper such as Railgun, Sakura or even Flag Keeper.


  • The skull on the cover of the book is different from the skull on other weapons such as Dual Machine Guns.
  • This weapon has a hidden effect; it has area damage. After hitting an inanimate object, it has a small explosion.
  • This weapon is essentially the Poison Spell with a different skin, and slightly different effects. The Poison Spell inflicts the poison effect, while the Curse Spell has the bleeding effect. However, the Poison Spell has a slightly bigger area of effect, while the Curse Spell is smaller, and more accurate.
  • This is one of eleven spell weapons to be added into the game, the others being Thunder Spell, Frost Beam Spell, Fireball Spell, Love Spell, Poison Spell, Earth Spike Spell, Shadow Spell, Airblade Spell, Bee Swarm Spell, and the Spell of Bats. It is the second one to be added to the Special category.
  • A giant replica of the Curse Spell can be found in Checkmate.


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