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The Cursed Pirate is a Special weapon introduced into the 15.2.0 update.


The Cursed Pirate is a Pirate Sword with an orange/brown handle and a grey butt of the sword. The blade is grey with a tint of blue and green looking poison drops. It has brown spikes on the back of the sword.


Only use at close to medium range. The bullets are easy to dodge at long range. Strafe from side to side with this weapon while firing it at the enemy.

Because of its high mobility, they won’t be able to hit you and the high fire rate will make the bullets almost impossible to dodge.


  • This weapon attacks very quickly, and is a 4-5 hit kill.
    • Spam it down narrow hallways, making the bullets harder to dodge.
  • Don't try to use this in long range, as the enemy will outrange you almost always.
  • The Cursed Pirate fires rockets and is not a melee, unlike what the looks of the weapon suggest.
  • This weapon has a huge hit box. Use this to your advantage.
  • compared to other rockets, it is SPAMMABLE. Take that into account when you happen to encounter the barrier rifle.


  • Pick of the users from range.
  • Stay away from close range combat.
  • Strafe around the other player.
  • Obviously, this is a rocket shooting gun. Use the barrier rifle to take advantage of this.
  • Compared to killer whale, this is the same thing except the fact that it lacks the strafing power (aka the rocket jump and the mobility in the air) . So you can use dual cryo pistols, icicle minigun and spark shark to slow to enemies down, or use a one shot gadget such as clockwork nutcracker to counter efficiently.


Pirate themed.

Supported Maps


  • This weapon is only attainable via Battle Pass (or money) along with the Gladiator, Viking, and Heart of Volcano.
    • However, when you get a maxed out Battle Pass, you only get 100 parts, just like the Gladiator.